Passive data collection through IoT
Passive data collection through IoT

The phrase “going off the grid” was coined to describe a lifestyle that intentionally avoids interacting with technology that leaves a trace of one’s activities. As depicted by characters in popular fiction, this has theretofore been accomplished mainly by paying for things with cash instead of credit, using a false name, and talking on pay-as-you-go mobile phones. But how can one stay off the grid when every single physical device in existence has the capacity to gather and transmit digital data?

The IOT’s sense of touch: beacons and taggants

As of this writing, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is just starting to roll out to the public, most notably in the “iBeacon” feature of Apple’s iOS7. It has been seen as a rival to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology (which iOS8 also embraces), or as a convenient way to pipe coupons into your phone. But history will look back at BLE as a major step forward in manifesting the Internet of Things (IOT), and in eroding any remaining illusions of privacy we have in our physical whereabouts.

Source: TechTarget

At BeaconWorx our vision is not only to explore possibilities and potential of Beacon Technology, but also to connect the dots in terms of how it serves the bigger picture of IoT.

Educating the consumer is of great importance in our context as this cutting edge technology needs to be correctly positioned to be embraced by the South African consumer.

Government regulators are only beginning to draw lines of privacy around data accumulated by the IOT. Networked devices are used to analyse and interpret the public, consumers and  society in general.

“The Internet of Things holds great promise for innovative consumer products and services. But consumer privacy and security must remain a priority as companies develop more devices that connect to the Internet,”

How will this impact on us in South Africa?

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