Proximity Beacons

BeaconWorx provide proximity beacons provide concurrent support for multiple proximity technologies, and seamless proximity services across iOS, Android, and other emerging mobile environments.

BeaconWorx are available with the widest range of power and packaging options, including AC-power, USB-power, long-life battery, indoor and outdoor, weatherproof ruggedized enclosures.

Design your Campaign

We deliver targeted campaigns to mobile devices within proximity of any place. It allows delivery of media rich content to mobile devices in proximity to a specific beacon, beacon region, or a geofence without hassle and with minimum effort.


Build your perfect solution.

Our Technical Support will help your team achieve your goals using the best proximity technology in the industry.

BeaconWorx solutions also comprise an end-to-end managed solution for proximity beacon networks of all sizes and include network architecture, beacon deployment and optimization as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the entire system.


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